Pakistan Floods 2022 Emergency

In 2022, torrential monsoon rains caused a severe humanitarian crisis affecting over 33 million people in Pakistan. We responded as a "Strategic Partner" of KnK Japan, extending flood response interventions to Sindh and Baluchistan. The project provided emergency tent villages to 370 flood-affected families in District Jacobabad & Qambar Shadadkot of Sindh and District Jaffarabad, Usta Muhammad and Sohbatpur of Balochistan, including shelter, NFIs, and basic hygiene needs and supported in term of transitional shelter, repair of the damaged shelters, tent villages with WASH facilities and water filtration plants to 240 families.

In a remarkable display of commitment, we extended crucial support to ten government girls’ schools in Indus Kohistan (KPK) that were devastatingly washed away by floods. We swiftly established ten temporary learning centers (TLCs) by providing school tents and essential educational supplies, facilitating the resumption of educational activities in these schools. As a result, approximately five hundred (500) girls, who had been forced out of school in the aftermath of the flood, were able to resume their education and embark on a journey of learning and empowerment.