Access & Quality of Girls SSC (KP)

In collaboration with KnK Japan, we have launched a comprehensive program aimed at bolstering the quality and accessibility of girls' secondary education in districts Abbottabad, Battagram, Torghar, and Mansehra. This multifaceted initiative not only involves upgrading existing primary schools to the middle level through the construction of school infrastructure and providing additional classrooms (school buildings) to existing girls' secondary schools but also includes a crucial capacity-building component for school players and advocacy component for the surrounding communities.

Through the capacity-building aspect, FWA aims to empower teachers, education managers, and stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to create a conducive learning environment and deliver quality education to girls. Additionally, the program incorporates an advocacy component to raise awareness and support for girls' education, advocating for policies and measures that bridge the gap in secondary education. Aligned with the KP education policy - Education Blueprint 2020-2025, this program is driven by a shared vision of "Closing the gap in Secondary Education," ensuring that out-of-school girls are accommodated and provided with enhanced educational opportunities for a brighter future.