Our Story

Our Story

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2005, a group of compassionate and determined individuals came together with a shared vision to bring hope and relief to the affected communities. Thus, Friends Welfare Association (FWA) was born, starting from scratch with a mission to uplift and transform lives.


In the early days, FWA faced countless challenges, but with unwavering dedication, they persevered and began their journey towards becoming a leading organization in the realm of humanitarian work and education support. Understanding the crucial role of education in rebuilding communities, FWA took it upon themselves to address the urgent need for schools and access to quality education for the affected children.


Through sheer determination and support from esteemed donors like the KnK Japan,  Hoshyar Foundation USA, UN agencies, the British Council, FWA initiated mega projects focused on education in emergencies, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of disaster-resilient schools. With its relentless efforts, FWA transformed devastated structures into safe havens of learning, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a conducive learning environment for children.


Recognizing that the success of education lies in the hands of capable school players, FWA prioritized capacity building initiatives. We provided comprehensive training programs to teachers, parents, and education managers, empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to nurture a thriving learning ecosystem.


But FWA's vision didn't stop there; they understood the significance of community involvement in promoting education, especially for girls. By engaging and mobilizing local communities, FWA ignited a powerful movement that championed the rights of girls to education, leading to a significant increase in enrollment and retention rates for female students.

As the world embraced digitalization, FWA did not lag behind. With a deep commitment to advancing education, FWA introduced digital integration in schools, providing smart screens and cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience and open new horizons for thousands of students.


Beyond education, FWA extended its reach to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities, recognizing the direct impact these elements have on health and education outcomes. Additionally, FWA ventured into livelihood and emergency response and rehabilitation projects, empowering vulnerable communities to secure sustainable futures.


As the years passed, FWA's efforts bore fruit, benefiting thousands of beneficiaries, fostering academic excellence, and leaving a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals. FWA journey from humble beginnings to a force of positive change stands as a testament to the power of compassion, dedication, and the unwavering support of esteemed donors, who together shaped FWA into a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformation.Top of Form


Basic Education: FWA successfully provided quality education to 108 girls, creating a conducive learning environment and dedicated teachers to help them acquire essential knowledge and skills. Psycho-Social Support: FWA recognized the importance of holistic development and provided psycho-social support to the girls, including guidance, counselling, and mentorship, enabling them to navigate emotional challenges, build resilience, and develop healthy social relationships. Skill Training: FWA collaborated with the Technical Education Department Mansehra to certify 56 underprivileged girls in skill training programs, focusing on sewing, embroidery, and decoration preparation. This training equips them with valuable vocational skills, enhancing their employment prospects and fostering self-reliance. These achievements demonstrate FWA's unwavering dedication to promoting girls' education and empowering them with practical skills. By combining educational support, psycho-social assistance, and skill training, FWA positively impacted the lives of these girls, helping them overcome socio-economic barriers and pursue a brighter future. These efforts underscore the transformative power of education in fostering individual growth, empowerment, and social progress. 2008-2009: Under the Women Learning & Development Project in Shohal Balakot, District Mansehra, Friends Welfare Association (FWA) with the support of Combo Foundation achieved the following

significant milestones: Capacity Building: FWA provided a valuable opportunity to 70 vulnerable girls and women, enabling them to enhance their capacity in functional literacy, vocational training, and employable skills in the Dara Shohal Balakot area. Functional Literacy: Through dedicated efforts, FWA supported the participants in improving their literacy skills, empowering them with the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively in their daily lives. Vocational Training: FWA offered vocational training programs to equip the girls and women with Website Requirements Specification 4 practical skills that are in demand in the job market. These training initiatives aimed to enhance their employability and provide them with opportunities for economic empowerment. These achievements highlight FWA's commitment to empowering girls and women through education and skill development. By providing access to capacity-building opportunities, functional literacy, and vocational training, FWA has contributed to enhancing the lives and prospects of 70 vulnerable individuals in the Shohal Balakot community.

Supported 49 children with disabilities (CWDs) and 1207 other children through inclusive learning school environment at UC Balakot and UC Garlat of District Mansehra with the support of Handicap International.

2009-2010: FWA played a vital role in supporting 1768 girls from 12 schools affected by militancy in District Swat during the post-military operation in 2009-10. FWA provided alternative school spaces, ensuring that these girls had a safe and conducive environment to continue their education with the support of Hoshyar Foundation USA. 2009-10: The project Support in access to girls’ education & Life skills- UC Kotli Pain District Mansehra by The Onaway Trust successfully enhanced the capacity of 80 young girls by improving their functional literacy and providing them with valuable vocational skills. 2009-2010: Vocational Training Project for vulnerable females of Shinkiari, Balakot Hilkot - District Mansehra by KnK Japan and MoFA Japan successfully provided improved entrepreneurial opportunities for 175 young girls. These girls were able to start their own cloth sewing and embroidery businesses in the Union councils of Hilkot, Shinkiari, and Balakot. 2009-2010: Carpet weaving and capacity building project - Mansehra' by Ahan successfully revived a vanished skill and increased the income of 60 vulnerable families in District Mansehra. Additionally, it also facilitated the development of market linkages for these families.

2010: Improved access to the quality education of 541 children at 03 drop centers in District Mansehra with the support of KnK Japan.

2010-2011: Increased income of the 87 families through distributing livestock in Devli Jabber, District Mansehra with the support of Orsokov Foundation. 2010-2011: Seventy-nine (79) schools were supported in Emergency Response Project (Education) in District Kohistan & District Shangla with the support of KnK Japan and MoFA Japan. For the early and safe restoration of education, forty-nine (49) schools were provided with tents and thirty (30) schools were provided with semi-permanent earthquake resistant schools' buildings. All seventy-nine (79) schools were supported in term of provision of sanitation's facilities.

2011: Supported 165 girls of GGPS Kozkalay, District Lower Kohistan by providing them educational needs and a semi-permanent structure school with the support of Fellissimo Foundation Japan. 2011: Renovated and rehabilitated 05 school buildings and WASH facilities in District Kohistan along with the provision of residential facility to 11 female teachers to reform the girls’ education in Kohistan with the Website Requirements Specification 5 support of the Waterloo Foundation.

2011-2012: FWA in partnership with UNICEF implemented the project “Welcome to School Initiative” from September 2011 to Dec 2012, in District Upper Dir to rehabilitate 151 militant’s affected schools. FWA enrolled 6863 new children, established 30 ECE Centers and enhanced the capacity of teachers, PTCs, Education Officials, and communities on the importance of education.

2010-2014: Reconstructed 40 earthquake resistant Government Primary, Middle & High Schools in District Mansehra and handed over to the E&SE Department KPK along with the capacity enhancement of schoolteachers, PTCs, Girls and Education Officials.
2010-2014: Constructed Girls Middle & High school comprised of five classrooms, one office and toilet block at Meilbut District Mansehra with the support of Embassy of Japan in Pakistan and handed over to the Community Governing Board (CGB) Meelbut and later to Education Department KPK. More than 300 young girls who were deprived of education at secondary level are now benefitting from this school.
2015: Improved access to quality education for 300 outreach girls of Village Shangri and Village Raiter in district Mansehra through construction of two schools comprised of six classrooms, two offices, and four units of toilet block with the support of Maria Halena Foundation Canada.
2016: Improved access to quality education at secondary level for the sixty (60) girls of the District Torghar who were deprived of secondary education previously by providing them Semi-Permanent school building and teachers with the support of the Waterloo Foundation and Hoshyar Foundation USA.

2014-2017: Reconstructed 40 earthquake resistant Government Primary, Middle & High Schools in 03 districts (Muzaffarabad, Hatian Bala, Bagh) of AJ&K along with the capacity enhancement of schoolteachers, SMCs, Girls and Education Managers.

2018: Improved access to quality education for vulnerable girls at higher secondary school Jabergali and [Project] Website Requirements Specification 6 Khairabad in science & arts group by construction of school buildings with the support of Circle of Women USA and Maria Halena Foundation Canada.


  • 950 local community members of villages Bakki and Chontri in district Mansehra were supported in term of provision of two (02) Drinking Water Supply Schemes (DWSS).
  • 185 Toilets along with RCC Septic tanks were provided in eighty (80) schools supported under FWA's educational programs.
  • Thirty-three (33) schools were supported in term of provision of potable water through Sustainable Gravity Flow Schemes.
  • Forty-seven (47) schools were supported in term of provision of potable water through bored well connected with water pumps/electric motors.
  • 3240 schools' children, 66 teachers, 104 PTCs members got benefitted through the conduct of 26 Hygiene Sessions.

2015-2017: 17276 out of school children in the age-group of 6-11 years enrolled and 98% retention rate ensured in target schools of districts Mansehra, Battagram and Torghar with the assistance of 1468 young volunteers. The project was funded by the British Council.

2008-2023: Improved access to quality education for 6000 girls at secondary and higher secondary level through establishing twelve (12) community-based schools out of which 07 schools have been handed over successfully to the E&SE Department KPK. The project is funded by the Hoshyar Foundation USA.
2017-2020: Improved facilities of twenty (20) Primary, Middle & High government schools through construction of schools' buildings and handed over completed schools to E&SE Department KP according to the drawings and designs approved by UET Peshawar, ERRA and NESPAK where thousands of the children are benefitting in conducive learning environment.
2020-2021: Supported the education department District Indus Kohistan by enhancing school facilities of girls secondary schools, improving the learning environment, providing missing facilities, training teachers and PTC, strengthening community involvement, and fostering cooperation between schools and education departments.

2020: Supported the Health Department and DHQs of the District Mansehra, Abbottabad, Torghar, Battagram and Indus Kohistan by the provision of COVID-19 preventive items. Also provided COVID-19 preventive items to the government schools, District Administration, and other line departments with the support of KnK Japan, Hoshyar Foundation USA, Waterloo Foundation and Circle of Women.

2021-2022: Constructed additional classrooms, toilets, WASH Facilities, provided furniture, established NFBE and provided missing facilities to Improving the transition of girls from primary to lower secondary level District Mohmand, KPK with the support of UNESCO. 2021-2022: Provided 6 Interactive Smart Screens at 6 models schools with complete package of software to digitalize the schools. The academic proficiency of 2000 students have improved while accessing the digital classrooms in 6 model schools. The

20 Years of Experience
In Reforming Schools Infrastructures

All students have access to state-of-the-art information technology to become proficient in critical thinking and attain the skills and proficiencies required of today’s workforce.

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Abdul Shakoor

Chief Executive Officer of Friends Welfare Association.

Aamir Shahzad

Director Fund Raising and Evaluation of Friends Welfare Association.

Shahid Hussain

Director Program of Friend Welfare Association,

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Digital Media Communication Officer of Friends Welfare Association