Friends Welfare Association (FWA) Pakistan is a non-governmental, certified not-for-profit (tax exempted), non-political and development-oriented formal registered organization based in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. FWA was established in 2002 by experienced development sector practitioners to undertake the activities of community development, especially for the marginalized and vulnerable sections of society. Since its inception, FWA has been working in partnership with and funding support from international partners, corporate sector organizations and UN organizations to provide a widely accessible, equitable and quality education, providing employable skill training, WASH facilities, health facilities for the disadvantaged and under-served communities in its target geographic areas. The organization has so far worked in the sectors such as Humanitarian aid, Early recovery, and rehabilitation during natural and human-made disasters, psychosocial support, education, women empowerment, shelter and settlement, disaster resilient public infrastructure, WASH, health, skills' development, and entrepreneurship, DRR, and advocacy for policy change. In the year 2020, after the unexpected advent of COVID-19 pandemic, FWA has contributed significantly with KP Health Department and local administrations in KP province in terms of equipping the hospitals and quarantine centers with medical supplies and protective gear, supporting district administrations and other front-line departments with medical supplies related to COVID-19 protection. In the year 2022, in the post-Flood situation the organization launched its Flood response program in KP province and has also extended its Flood response interventions to Sindh and Baluchistan as a “Strategic Partner” of KnK Japan where interventions in the sectors of shelter and settlements, WASH and nutrition have been undertaken. The interventions of early recovery and rehabilitation will continue in KP, Sindh, and Baluchistan in the year 2023 as well.

Education Reforms : - Reforming government schools is the solution to Pakistan's educational crisis

For Most Pakistani Children

a Government School is the only option

For most children 

a Govt. school is either lacking facilities or access issue

In most schools, traditional methods of teaching still in practice

In which lead into poor learning outcomes and innovation

less number of girl’s Govt. schools especially in rural areas

which lead girls to be deprived and cannot play active role

less teachers especially female teachers

Technological integration, communities-based education model.

Student future

Enhance schools infra and integrate technology