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Desi Chat places for Pakistani and Indians rooms

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  • No abusing , if someone unfortunately do, kicks out of the room immediately

Benefits of Desi talking platform

For desi talk you can easily log on to a popular portal known as This portal does not necessitate any sort of registration. You can even go for video with your friends. There is also an option to share your photographs as well as videos. Anonymity is a most attractive feature of this site. No one has to reveal his real identity to talk on This saves you from any sort of unnecessary hassle later on in life. Without any pressure and stress you can voice your opinions on a wide array of topics ranging from education to sex to politics etc. you are free to talk to anyone in a good way about your own choice topic. Many types of people are there for you always to talk and they needs you to be there for you each time. I will suggest you to visit my profile and be online anytime here. There are many other options you can also have online voice and video talk also in the website. Please be there always and get connected with your friends from all over the world easily.  You do not need to wait for the people to stay in touch all you need to have contact them and invite them to this website. Please come and enjoy the features.