Funny Jokes Sms Archive

Dilchasp Duaen..

Dilchasp Duaen” Papu ko Dua Mili K Sada Hansty Muskraty Raho, Aj Wo Pagal Khany Mein Hai… Ajmal Ko Dua Mili K Dunia Tere Ishary Pr Chaly , Aj Wo traffic Constable Hai… Tipu ko Dua Mili K Teri Zindgi Mein Phol Khilty Rahen , Aj Wo School Mein Mali Hai… Bublo Ko Dua Mili

Ek Kutta..

Ek Kutta Ek Car K Neeche Baitha Tha.. . . . . . . Santa Aya Aur Uski Pooch Khechta Hua Bola:” Nikal Saale Bhootni K.. Bara Aya Mechanical Engineer…!! 😀

Agar Apko afsoos Hai..

Agar Apko Afsos Hai K Apki LifeMain Apka Koi IntazarKarne Wala Nahi Hai..To 1 Kam Karen,30 Mint K LeyeBathroom Main Ja KarBeth jayen....Koi Na KOi Bahir Intazar Zaroor Karyga.(“,)<)(>/ _O Nikal Nahi To Meri Nikal Jay Gi..!! 😀 😛 

Style Of Break Up..

Style 0f breAk up:Boy b0ught gift f0r His Girl friend..!!GF:Wat the hell w0uld I dOo with this r0cket..??Boy: yOu wanted stars nAa..??Now sit 0n it and GET LOST 😛

Who Kept This Glass Here..

When husband breaks a glass. Wife: Break everything. Break all these bottles… break the kitchen… break the house… just break everything! And when wife breaks a glass Wife: Who kept this glass here…?? 😀

Shut Up..

Boy: I love you! Girl: Shut Up! Boy: I’ll die for you! Girl: Shut Up! Boy: I can’t live without you! Girl: Shut Up! Boy: I’ll marry you! Girl: Really? Boy: Shut Up! 😀

Once Boss..

Once, Boss, Officer & Clerk going 4 a meeting. They saw a Jin. Jin said: As i fulfill 3 wishes at a time But u r 3 persons so i will fulfill 1 wish for each. Clerk said: Send me to America with a lot of money clerk disappears. (wish fulfilled) Officer said: Send me

Uff Garmi..

Uff Garmiii…!! 🙁.........Jab Uppar Garmi Hai, Toh Nichhe Kaunsa AC Laga Hai… Jo Dhoond Rahe Ho?Summers Ki Pehli Bezti Mubark h0o 😀 😛

Officer And Soldier..

Officer: Soldier, do you have change for 1000 rupees?Soldier: Sure, buddy.Officer: That’s no way to address an officer! Now let’s try it again.Officer: Do you have change for a 100 rupees?Soldier: No, SIR!

Bloody English Language..

HusbAnd tExts tOo wife On cEll..!! “Hi,whAt ArE yOu doinG DaRlinG?” Wife: I’m dyinG..!! HusbAnd juMps with jOy but typEs “SweEt HeaArt, how cAn I live withOut YoU..?” Wife: “U idiOt! I’m dying my hAir..” Husband: “BloOdy EnGliSh LanGuage..!!

In Short I Am..

I Am yOuR giRlfrienD: SmArt..!! IntelliGent..!! SwEet..!! TalEnteD..!! ExcllenD..!! RomAntiC..!! theEk kAha nAa..?? In shOrt I aM yOur S.I.S.T.E.R…!! 😀 😛 😉

Someone Misses You..

SomeOne..!! MiSsES yOu..!! NeeDS yOu..!! WorRies AbOut yOu..!! LonEly WithOut yOu..!! GuEss WhOo..?? THE MONKEY IN … THE ZOO … 😀 😛