Friendship Day Sms Archive


rahulk725  Frenship is never an accident…Its somthng 1 has 2 nurture over da yrs.I hope evry yr our frenship bcoms stronger.


Kingstarfrnd Education gives Quality of Life!Money gives Quality of Respect!Wife gives Quality of Love!But Friendship gives Quality of Heart!

Ankur keshrwani

Ankur keshrwani Aaj New Name day he..Agar aap ko meri fndshp pasnd heTo muje 1 sweet new nick name do..Sab ko send karo,Dekho apko kitne sweet name milte he!!:-)


R.K9058115320 Aapki Dosti Hamare suro ka saaz hai,Aap jesa Dost par hme Naaz hai,Chahe kuch bhi ho jaye zindgi me,Wada hai Dost,Hmari Dosti vesi hi rahegi jesi aaj hai.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. 


Kldpkmr22 Bst lins said by a cute frnd:“It hurts me wen u talk 2 sm1Else & not 2 me,&It hurts moreWhn sm1 els starts talkng abt uMore dan i knw” dats frndship..!


 kunal_18 Titanic’ 1 bahut badi ship thiFir b doob gayi….Lekin usse b badi ek ship bani he,Jo kabhi nahi doob saktiJaante ho wo ship kaunsi hai?Apni ‘FRIEND-SHIP..

Radhika Rahaman

Radhika Rahaman Strange But True.Keep The Lamp Of FriendshipBurning With Oil Of Love.Because Sun Rises In East & Sets In West.But Friendship Rises In Heart& Sets Only After Death.


Dhaval755 Friendship Is Like A “Honey”,But Don’t Compare With “Money”!Friendship Is Not A“Collection Of Heart”But It Is A“Selection Of Heart”.


Santosherpunja A Girl Can Hug Her,Best Friend Tightly And Say,“I’m Missing My Boyfriend”But…She Can’t Hug Her Boyfriend And Say,“I’m Missing My Best Friend,”Because There Is More“LOYALTY” In Friendship.

Sk Sadbin

Sk Sadbin Small Angers,Silly Fights,Serious Jokes,Lot Of Chats,Little Smiles,Thousants Of Sorries,Whole Day Thinking,...Everybody Think It Madness,,But We Call It Frndship… 🙂 😉


Jd.malvi Love Har One Law“Make The Person Happy Whom U Love.In The Same Way Friendship Has 1 Law“Never Make Your FriendFeel Alone Until U R Alive.


Navneet786 True Friends Are Forever,They Are Really Difficult To Find,They Are Most Difficult To Leave AndGo,And They Are Truly Hard To Forget,So, Cheers To Our Friendship!