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Why Does It Hurt..

Love: Why d0es it hurt..?Why d0es it pAin..??may be becAuse we love some0netoo much & too dEep that so0metime,we forget tOo keep a little for ourselves…!!!

Some Days..

Someday y0u Will forget ab0ut mE..!! …my namE..!! …my v0ice..!! wh0o I am & wh0o I am t0o y0u..!! But even if you forget ab0ut me..!! I just wAn yOu to know… I’ll never forget y0u…!!

Never Say..

Never sAy yOu ArE hAppy whEn yOu arE sAd ..!! NevEr sAy uyOu Are finE wHen yOu ArE not  Ok…!! NEver sAy u fEel gOoD whEn YoU fEel bAd..!! AnD nevEr sAy yOu ArE  alOne whEn I am  Still alivE…!!

How To Forget You..

In My lifE I learnEd hOw 2 lOve…!! HoW tOo smilE..!! HoW tOo  Be happy..!! hoW tOo Be strOnG..!! HowtOo wOrk hArd..!! How tOo Be hOnest..!! How tOo Be fAithful..!! how tOo  fOrGive..!! But I cOuldn’t leArn hOw tOo FoRgEt yOuUu..!!

Impossible Without My Beloved..

I thOught life could be liveD…!! withOut the shadOws of lOve…!! But impOssible withOut my belOved..!! HOw cAn I fOrget yOur smilE..!! ThrOugh evEn a thOusAnd milE…!! HOw cAn I fOrget youR tAlk..!! WhiCh maDe mE niGht wAlk…!! HOw cAn I forGets yOur jOkes…!! WhiCh mAke yOu a niCe blOke..!! HOw cAn I simply forGet

Why Dose It Hurt..

Love: Why does it hurt? y does it pain? may be because we love someone too much & too deep that sometime, we forget to keep a little for ourselves !!!