Attitude Sms Archive

In Rain All Birds Occupy

In Rain All Birds Occupy Shelter But Eagle Is The One That Avoidz The Rain By Flying Above The Clouds Problem Is Common To All But Attitude Makez The Difference

I Enjoy When People

I Enjoy When People Show Attitude To Me Becoxe It Shows That They Need An Attitude To Impress Me Thats Attitude

Attitude Reloaded

Attitude Reloaded Girl: I Hate U X * ! * ! * ! * ! * ! Boy: Wow. Wht A Co-Incidence

Im Not Lazy Im A Master

Im Not Lazy Im A Master Of Energy Conservation 6: Don’8 Try To Understand Me If U Do Then Either Ull Go Mad Or U Will Start Loving Me.

Never Waste Tym Da Sumone

Never Waste Tym Da Sumone Who Dosent Even Bother Investing Tym In U B Wd Sumone Who Will Say Time Is Wasted If M Not Wid U

“Good Nature Is More

“Good Nature Is More Agreeable In Conversation Than Wit Nd Gives A Certain Air To The Countenance Which Is More Amiable Than Beauty.

Good-byes make you think..

Good-byes make you think.. . they make you realize what you we had.. . what you we lost.. . and what you we taken for granted…!!

Tu kisi aOr ki jageer heY..

Tu kisi aOr ki jageer heY.. . ae jaAn-e-ghazal.. . . Log tufaan utha dengeY.. . mereY sath na chal..!! . . I AM SORRY!

We’ll kill him..

Best attitude: . 3 ants saw an elephant coming… . ==>1st Ant: we’ll kill him.. . ==>2nd Ant: we’ll break his legs.. . ==>3rd Ant: Forgive him guys, . he is alone & we are 3…

Forgive others…

Forgive others… . . not bec0z they.. . . deserve … . . forgiveness… . . B8.. . . bec0z u.. . . deserve peace! ? 11 I wonder how.. . . many times.. . . . we forgive becOz .. . . we don’t.. . want 2 lose.. . . some1 even.. . if

Winning attitude

What’s winning attitude? three ants saw an elephant coming. Ant1: we will kill him Ant2: we will break hiz legs Ant3: 4give him guys, he is alone and we r three.

Great attitude

Great attitude 4 life time It is true dat i am not prfect in many things but even dis iz true dat many things r not prfect widout me